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It was an unthinkable tradigety that occurred on April 6 2018.  16 people loosing their lives and 14 more lives changed forever.   As I learned of the tragedy I was legitimately at a loss for words.   Everyday I continue to hold those people and families in my thoughts.


There is a Go Fund Me page set up to support the families, clicking the link will take you there.

It is comforting to see so many people band together in support.


U.S. President Donald Trump Hosts Law Enforcement Round Table On MS-13
WASHINGTON, D.C. – FEBRUARY 6: (AFP-OUT) U.S. President Donald Trump hosts a law enforcement round table on MS-13 at the White House on February 6, 2018 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Chris Kleponis-Pool/Getty Images)

He can’t possibly have much time left as the President of the United States of America …. Can he? well… Actually I am betting he finishes out his term.  And makes a hell of a run at a second.

Stormy Daniels is going to make a lot of chaos soon, like she’s not already! There is no doubt in my mind that President Trump did have a romp or two with her.   If he did step out and say that he did not, he would pull a Bill Clinton, best to just try and weather this storm.  Melania Trump must be pissed!!

I have heard speculation that Stormy has had affairs with other celebrities, I have no

Stephanie Gregory Clifford

doubt about that either.  does make you wonder whom they may be though…

Guess what else is crossing my mind?  If Donald Trump had so many skeletons in his penthouse walk-in closet, why in the hell would he run for president.  How could he possibly think that those skeletons would never fall out of there?

He tweeted today that DACA was going to officially end. 

That is a controversial subject that would have been better left in the hands of the Congress and senate.  Further proof that the guy really does his own thing and listens to nobody.