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My father, who passed away in the year 1993, would have turned 77 years old this year. Today in fact, December 5th 1940.   Happy Birthday Dad.Balloons21.jpg

24 years have gone by…

When I thought about this last week, I was drawn to think about what a different time that was. What a different world he would have been born into.  All the changes he would have seen from 1940 to 1993… From Cars to Tube TV’s and everything in-between.

I was young in 1993 but I remember the bag car phone and the electric typewriter being top of the line technology.  (Those older may disagree with my assessment.)

In 1940, World War II was well underway.  Adolf Hitler was running amuck compensating for his tiny little wiener.   President Franklin Roosevelt was the 32nd president of the United States.   William Mackenzie King was the 10th Prime Minister of Canada.  And Winston Churchill was named the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in May of that year. There was even a king in England, King George VI.

Dad would have entered into his “teen” years in the 50’s.  Rock-and-roll really took off in the mid-50’s. Dad loved his music, always had a great time playing his guitar for others. I can picture him and his group of friends spending hours listening to the new tunes of the era.

image2 dad

Adulthood would have come in the 60’s, what better era to be 20-something? I’m not even going to begin speculating what sort of fun he would have been having then.

30-something in the 70’s, I’m thinking that was the era Dad starting taking his music seriously.  his life would undoubtably be defined by his Guitar and his song book.   When I was born in the 80’s, some of the earliest memories I have of him encompass music and song.  he was good at it.  I still have newspaper clippings of advertisements for him playing in different locations around Western Canada.

When you play in a bar, you best know how to read the crowd, and if your doing something they don’t like, you best know how to turn it around real fast.  I have no doubt he mastered that skill.

When my Father was born onto this earth, it was a terrible time for many people.  But in a hospital in Calgary Canada, he would have created smiles and joy and brought some light into a vastly confusing world.

Dad would go on to lead a full life, full of many adventure and tests.  Unfortunately it was ended too soon at the age of 52.   In the pictures I have uncovered, it looks like he had a decent amount of fun, I can take some small comfort in this.

I wonder what he would think of todays world?

Happy Birthday Dad!

December 5 1940 – October 19 1993

My thoughts on North Korea

I know this is going to sound a little stupid, but maybe it’s time the United States start treating North Korea like a real nation and open up some dialogue.

From what I understand, since the end of the Korean War, the United States have only communicated with the DPRK via the Swedish government. Or leaned on China to provide discussion on their behalf. That is a strategy that has gotten North Korea to this point, and clearly a strategy that has failed multiple administrations ten fold.

How do you think Kin Jong-Un would react if the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson extended an invitation to the North Koreans? “Let’s talk” I think he would probably be beside himself.

Whether you like it or not, North Korea has the military brass to be taken seriously on the world stage. I will admit that their nation is run by a complete nut job. But I’m sure he does not like being belittled by the United States and I’m positive that is a contributing factor to the current level of threats. Nobody likes being the kid that gets ignored.

The problem is, Trump is a lunatic himself. In that regard, I wish former President Obama stepped up and did more to interject in the Korean missile crisis. Obama had a calmer head and much more constructed demeanour. I think he might have been able to get the job done.

North Korea should not have nuclear weapons. Period. In fact they should have been stopped long before they got to this point. The people that live in Hawaii should not have to run “duck and cover” nuclear drills and the citizens of Japan should not wake up to air raid sirens.

Realistically, nobody is going to have a chat with Jung-Un, it’s going to come down to the military options. And I am sure plenty of scenarios have been drawn up. Unfortunately South Korea is going to take the brunt of any incursion regardless of who starts it. In this Day and age of the media and social media, is it even possible to have a covert and coordinated attack without the rest of the world knowing about it before it starts?

Sadly, I am not sure any military conflict with North Korea wouldn’t result in World War three. Almost immediately you’d be looking at Russia, Japan, South Korea, China, and the United States, that would surly draw in Canada, Britain, and then likely Paris. It would be all down hill from there.

So what then?

Well now all we can do is wait for the Trump administration to discuss and solve this problem on the worlds behalf. I am positive it is a topic of conversation every day in the situation room. Hopefully the United States pulls the right leavers and this somehow gets solved properly.

In Trump we must Trust


P.S. Where can I find Trump brand vodka?